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      Aquisitions & Divestitures
      Advanced Financial Analysis

Case Studies

      Acquisitions & Divestitures – Reducing the Purchaser’s perceived risk will benefit both parties
      Acquisitions & Divestitures - Valuing Acquired Tax Loss Carry-Forward Pools
      Cost of Capital – In Defence of the DCF Methodology
      Cost of Capital – In Defence of the DCF Methodology(Chinese Translation)
      Cost of Capital – In Defence of the DCF - NACVA Webinar Slides
      Cost of Capital –Importance of MM Propositions I & II in the valuation of private businesses
      Cost of Capital – Convertible Bonds: Black Scholes vs. Binomial
      Cost of Capital – EDITORIAL: Why All the Fuss about Total Beta?
      Cost of Capital – A Primer On the Nature of Idiosyncratic Risk and Volatility
      Cost of Capital – Total Beta and TCOE: Why TCOE May Not Be Defensible
      Cost of Capital – Stock Price Volatility: Implications to Business Valuation
      Cost of Capital – Risk Quantification: The Semi-Variance and Other Tools
      Cost of Capital – Finding the Minimum Portfolio Variance using MS Excel
      Cost of Capital – A Rebuttal of Bulter-Schurman's Private Company Total Beta
      Cost of Capital – The Price-Earnings Ratio and its Common Misapplication in Business Valuations
         Cost of Capital –- Capitalized Earnings vs. Discounted Cash Flow
      Cost of Capital – On the Practicality of Using A Single Point-Estimate of The Discount Rate in Long-Term Cash Flow Valuation
      Cost of Capital – Junior Oil & Gas Firm's Cost of Equity Approximation: A Continuation of the pragmatic use of the Sharpe Ratio
      Cost of Capital – Approximating the Minimum Cost of Equity for Junior Oil and Gas Firms
      Cost of Capital – Regressing Beta from Historical Stock Prices
      Cost of Capital—R-Squared & the T Statistic as an indicator of Regressed Beta Accuracy
      Cost of Capital – Measuring the Error of Estimation in Grouped Stock Betas
      Cost of Capital—Use of Black’s Model in restructuring capital of income trust
      Cost of Capital - Misapplication of WACC in the assessment of Project Value
      Industry Specific—WTI Oil Price Movements and Markov Chains: Paper I
      Industry Specific—WTI Oil Price Movements and Markov Chains: Paper II
      Industry Specific—Method of modeling expected future growth in appreciating assets
      Industry Specific - Lease, Finance or Purchase Decisions: Commercial Aircraft
      Industry Specific—Use of Monte Carlo Simulation in Expected Cost/Revenue Planning

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