Advanced Financial Modeling

At the core of any sound financial analysis lies the ability to simulate realistic potential cash flow outcomes.  Conn Valuation Services Ltd. has been employed in  recommending the appropriate risk-reward metrics for various proposed hybrid  securities structures.  It has devised proxies  for Stock Appreciation Rights values when the shares in question were not  actively traded.  It has also been  retained to develop an objective and analytically supportable method of measuring  illiquidity premiums for shares otherwise publicly traded, but restricted from  sale by specific covenants.  We have also been retained to opine on the financial viability of a given  investment, project or division.

  • Project Viability Testing
  • Sensitivity Analysis and IRR Determination
  • Black Scholes Option Applications
  • Binomial Models
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Determine Historical Data Correlation with Market Indexes
  • Advanced Regression and other Statistical Methodologies

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